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Production Chemical Uganda

The newly incorporated Production Chemical Uganda Limited . (PCU ) is pleased to represent Innospec’s Pure-Bore ®, the Ultra High Performance Field-proven Drilling Fluid System.

As we drill deeper the pressure loss through the circulating system increases (the fluid has further to travel), hence the pump pressure must increase if we are to maintain consistent flow. As this occurs the annular pressure also increases (the fluid has further to travel so needs more force to move it back to surface). Usually (but not always) this increasing annular pressure is balanced by the greater overburden/pore pressure as we drill deeper. Keeping the annular pressure as low as possible is critical, if we are going to minimise the risk of loss circulation - to do this we must optimise hole cleaning whilst keeping the equivalent circulating density (ECD) as low as possible.


Specialty Chemicals for the Energy and Petroleum Industries

Tank  Cleaning:

We operate on a proven unique Crude Oil Sludge removal system, which is not only fast, safe but also profitable for our clients at the same time.” Sludge Removal System;


SRS process is a Chemical – Mechanical process to clean storage tanks with “No Man Entry” to recover 90% - 95% hydrocarbons from the residue at the bottom of storage tanks.

Using“Closed loop Method” in which the media used for cleaning the tank, runs in closed circuits that circulates Oil / Sludge, with  addition of Chemicals through injection nozzles designed to fit floating roof legs.

  This greatly benefits the environment as no emissions escape to the atmosphere and no spill out of crude oil at the tank premises and in the tank farm - Operators never get in contact with media inside the tank and consequently, have less contact with toxic and flammable liquids makes it the safest tank cleaning system.

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