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PC Bio-Fuels

Production Chemical Group is delving into the Bio- Fuel market – our main aim is to promote the idea in Africa - separating the glycerine from the Esters in biofuels is not necessary.

This is one of the areas we are trying to emphasize - the financial savings/benefits possible in providing most of the agriculture machinery  with diesel and growing it on the farmers land, is immense – not only saving money for the farmer but also saving huge amounts of money for the governments and reducing pollution..

Do not separate Glycerine and Esters - Simplifies the process meaning farmers can produce diesel on site.

Reduce the huge importation budget.

Reduce the massive costs of transporting diesel from refineries to consumers.

Increase the profitability of farmers.

Areas of arid land or poor quality land – plant crops.

This will prevent or reduce soil degradation, soil erosion and help the environment.

Reduce pollution


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