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PC Corrosion Inhibitors

PC CI 2800

Water Soluble, Oil dispersible, Filming type.

PC CI 2151

Oil Soluble, Water   Dispersible, Filming type.

PC CI 2152

Oil Soluble, Water Dispersible, Filming type.

PC CI 2190

Oil and Water Dispersible, Biocidal Properties, Filming type.

PC CI 2195

Removal of Acid Gases, Hydrogen Sulphide   from   Natural    gases, Synthesis gas, Refinery Gases.

PC CI 2302

Oxygen Scavenger for the removal of Oxygen.


There are other corrosion inhibitors in our product list which have not been mentioned. If there is any situation which requires specific treatment we will investigate and supply. For example we have a corrosion inhibitor for close circulating systems in engines and we were requested to combine a scale inhibitor which we developed and supplied.


Specialty Chemicals for the Energy and Petroleum Industries


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