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PC Duracaps SI

Conventional down hole treatments for scale (i.e., scale squeezes) typically introduce large amounts of inhibitor into the service environment to effect a change in the scaling profile of the well.  These treatments are designed to prevent scale compounds from forming and depositing along the production string, but they also are intended to provide extended life, usually on the order up to several months for scale squeezes.

Although this treating method has been utilized for years, it may have undesirable side effects, either at the intended target area or downstream of the target area.  Some of the drawbacks include; significant loss of active product due to non-absorption or precipitation as in a scale squeeze, formation damage resulting from the introduction of foreign fluids into the production zone, and downstream system upsets due to high feedback concentrations of inhibitor immediately after application.

Production Chemical’s Duracaps Scale Inhibitor is designed to offset problems associated with conventional batch treatments by providing long term, controlled release of inhibitor into the target area at concentrations high enough to inhibit scale without introducing potentially damaging chemicals into the reservoir, yet low enough to prevent significant product loss and downstream system upsets.


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